What is a fit model?

Most people have never heard of fit modeling or have any idea of what it actually entails. 

Fit models are the reason that your shirt doesn't grab you underneath your armpits. They are the reason you don't get camel toe, and the reason you look so damn good in that blazer. A fit model  is hired by a designer because they have the body measurements and proportions that fit an industry standard. They are chosen because their body best represents that brands customer, and an entire line is put on this body to ensure that it fits correctly before being mass produced. 

The duty of a fit model is to not only stay the same size (that's right, self constraint and the love of exercise are good qualities to have), but to also understand how a garment is supposed to fit. A good fit model will be able to communicate what needs to happen in order for a piece of clothing to fit more comfortably, and a great fit model is also someone who tech designers enjoy working with. Many models will stay working with a company for years, and this has the potential to become a very lucrative and rewarding career. 

Who can be a fit model?

Having the ability to work as a fit model really comes down to having the right body. Designers like to fit on a body that is about 5'8" tall, with good posture and proportions. What does that mean? Generally, a proportional body will have approximately 3" difference between bust (chest) and low hip (butt), and 10" difference between waist and low hip. So for a standard size 4, the measurements would be 34 bust, 27 waist, 37 hip. There are very few people out there who are perfectly proportionate, but that is why fit modeling has the potential to be high income job option. 

Although higher end brands tend to fit on a size 4, more mainstream brands like to fit on a size 6 or 8, so more of an average sized person. You don't have to be a model to be a fit model - you just have to have the ability to stay the same size (pretty much forever), the ability to stand on your feet for long stretches of time, and a flexible schedule. Having a great personality and always being professional are both added bonuses that will help your fit career. 

Think you have what it takes? Shoot us an email and let us check out that body (in a non creepy way).